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Alchemical spiritual jewelry designers



9 legends 9 collections

Let every stone reveal its legend and virtues.


 Jewels of meaning; fineries and protections to inspire the real harmony of the body and the spirit.

Sign is a spiritual adventure, an invitation to join us to renew with the tradition. Alchemical creations and carriers of message for your soul.

Our will is to create a spiritual and unique, modern line of jewels.

Wearing the jewells ,

 adopt their strength and release

their energy

Semi-precious stones, gold, leather

PYRITE, pierre d'un éclat métallique aux étincelles dorées

As craftswomen of light, we shape every piece carefully , selecting noble materials such as the leather, sterling silver, the semi-precious stones and symbols which represent the sacred.

Virtues & legends  minéral stones

Labradorite, sagesse et altruisme.

The warrior of the Nothern Lights, Fool’s Gold, Tears of Bacchus, The offering of the Amazones, many legends associated with virtues  mineral stones. Free with each jewel, it’s appropriate legend and its virtues.

Leather’s case & elixir’s flasks

Lapis lazuli: pouvoir et vertu des pierres qui guérissent

Each alchimic’s jewel  is wrapped in its leather jewel case elixir or flask and thus fully reveals his love offering size, protection or celebration.

For a real charitable intent, embrace the signs of life that guide you.


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